Hidden away in the South Suburbs of Chicago one can find a public park with the strange name of “the Harry 'Bus' Yourell Off-Stream Aeration Pool.” While the name conjures up visions of stagnant waters rife with mosquitoes and algae, it is in fact one of the most picturesque and popular public areas on the south side.

A series of off-stream waterfalls have been constructed along the Chicagoland waterways to improve the waterway quality. One of these waterfalls is this popular area. The "Harry 'Bus' Yourell Off-Stream Aeration Pool’s" park-like setting attracts many wedding parties for photo shoots, bike riders, joggers, and anyone who likes to relax by the water's edge. On any given day, one can find people reading a book beneath a shade-giving Weeping Willow, or strumming a guitar in time with the water fall’s natural music. Corny, but true.

The entire area is man-made, and features several waterfalls, two picturesque bridges, a large covered porch-like area, braced by two rows of Doric inspired columns that overlooks a the water. Other features include wooded groves, lagoons and a golf course. You'll find it located along the Calument-Sag Channel between Harlem and Ridgeland Avenues, Worth, IL.

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At left is a high-altitude photo of the area. The road that encircles the facility is not for public access, but one can walk around the entire area in under 20 minutes.  The "aeration Pool" itself is between the canal (bottom of photo) and the access road (snaking across the top of the photo.)  Harlem Ave. is on the left.

You can see the waterfalls, lagoons, etc. clearly. The Water's Edge golf course is on both sides of Harlem Ave. and "above" the Aeration Pool facility.

Parking and public access is just off Harlem Ave., just before the bridge.


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