Virtual Reality Products / Services

Each of these products shows a brief description and average cost. Multiple image discounts apply.  For example, if we create three panoramic images at a single location (example, storefront, exterior, and interior), or a combination of image types at a single location.  These prices are given on a job by job quote.

Remember to check our sample page for some more panoramic images and tours, and our portfolio pages for even more!

E-Brochure style / Virtual Tour (Web Only)
Think of these as an on-line brochure, complete with multiple images or Panoramic shots, descriptions, map and more. These offer the most detail and information, as they combine multiple Panoramic images and photographs linked together. The example shown here would cost $650.00

Sample 1  

Panoramic Images (Print or Web)
Depending on your requirements, we take a single 360 degree image, or assemble an image from multiple photographs (as many as 18 for a 360 degree image.)  A single shot 360 is approximately 2 meg in size (the final web product is a much smaller file size.) An assembled image from 18 photographs can be over 100 meg (again, the final web product is a much smaller file size.)  This level of resolution is great for print or very detailed zooming on the web. Our most popular image type. Cost for Single Panoramic, 5-15 images, $175.00

Sample 1 (Quicktime)   Sample 2 (Java)   Sample 3 (Java)

Spherical Panoramic Images (Web Only)
These are assembled from three fisheye images, each 182x182 degrees.  This type of image allows you to look in all directions - up, down, left and right. These are only necessary when you need to show all aspects of a room or location - ceiling, floor, etc. Sample 1 and 3 are in a recording studio. Sample 2 is inside a ship's service area. Cost for typical Spherical image is $175.00

Sample 1 (Java)    Sample 2 (Quicktime)   Sample 3 (Java)

Half Sphere Images (Print or Web)
Created from a single fisheye image. We usually take these from a corner of a room. Most clients have us supply four images, one from each corner. These images also allow you to look up, down, left and right - just not "behind." Sample 1 is taken at one end of a pool. Sample 2 is taken directly in front of a restaurant's bar. This is our second most popular image type. Half sphere images are $75.00

Sample 1   Sample 2  

Standard Images (Print or Web)
Often, a client will have us take photographs of individual products or sections of a room to compliment the VR images or tour. For example, we could create a single room "tour" with links to individual items in that room (furniture, paintings, etc.) Cost differs on photo type, but averages $5-$10 each when taken in conjunction with the above services.

Fisheye Sample

Stitching Service
You may already have a collection of images they need stitched together. We can accomplish this using our state-of-the-art software and years of expertise.  Cost depends on the quality and number of original images, and if they are digital or print.  Please contact us for an estimate.

Stitching Sample

Virtual Objects
Virtual objects require a minimum of four images for a simple rotation, up to 16 for a more detailed rotation.  We can also do a complete 360 x 180 rotation so all of the item can be seen - top, bottom, etc.  The base price is $50.00 for a basic four shot virtual object. We'll need the item at our office for one day for the shoot. We can also photograph the item on your premises for an extra charge.  Larger objects (over a cubic foot) require a quote.  For example, we can shoot a vehicle, but this takes considerable setup and is more complex to shoot.

Object Sample / ACP, Inc.   708-430-5070   Fax 708-430-3470

All prices are for under 10 miles driving each way.  Additional fees apply for extended travel times.