Virtual objects

This page links to different examples of our Virtual Object work. Looking at one of these images is as close as you can get to holding the item in your hand.

Looking for a way to showcase a premiere or featured product? Everything from jewelry to fast food can be displayed as a virtual object!

Here's what you get from

We'll supply you with a CD that contains everything you need for your job or website.  For web sites, we supply web pages, Java files, and images.

We can also e-mail you your files, provide a download location, or FTP them to your server or ISP.

Virtual Objects can be used on websites, CD's, and DVD's. They are a great way to really highlight special items on your website, online store, or disc based catalog.

Product Comparison and Prices

Take a look at some of our other photography samples
and a unique menu idea HERE!

Glass Vase

Halloween Skeleton

Pentium CPU

Koi Pond Statue

Ski Helmet
(Multiple angles)
We can take the
photos at your
location or
in our office.