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Mausoleum of the Archangels

With sliding preview and list

Virtual Tour

With radar and drop-down list
Tour with radar

Here's where you'll find two different versions of my virtual tour of the Mausoleum. One features a "radar" interactive map, the other has a sliding image preview on the bottom, and a different style selection list. Both feature a custom "skin" I designed just for this tour.

Just click on either image to see the virtual tour!

Some details: Each tour is comprised of nine interactive images. Each of these images are assembled from a series of fisheye (very wide-angle) photographs that are stitched together and touched up using specialized software. In addition, each of those fisheye images is a blend of three photos, shot at different exposures. This achieves better overall color and detail. This is known as HDR (high dynamic range) photography.

All photographs were taken with with a Canon 40D DSLR camera, Sigma Fisheye lens, and Agnos tripod head. Positioning was with a Garmin GPS unit.

Please contact me if you are
interested in a tour of this nature
for your business.

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